Steam Workshop

 workshop_logoSteam Workshop is unique system developed by Valve Corporation how publish ideas from players straight into game.

Ever dreamed of seeing your brilliant ideas come to life in games played by millions of people? Now you can, with the Steam Workshop. Here you can submit, find, rate, and download new content and modifications for your favorite Steam games.
Different games may use the Steam Workshop in different ways, but everything here is created by members of the Steam community, just like you. Workshop

In this section you can find all my works from beatiful game Dota 2™ made by © Valve. All those works was created with my US/UK friends and mostly I was responsible for concept, texturing, unwpping, presentation and other 2D stuff. Modeling, rigging, copyrighted by Qwiggalo and Helenek.

Valve Software:
Dota 2

You can visit my workshop works in section Steam Workshop