Na`Vi Courier

For this item I was responsible for texturing on the team who created the courier for the popular e-sports team, Na`Vi. The item was created to promote them during their games and allowed fans to purchase the item to support the team. The courier have 2 versions the ground and flying version of the item, which is used when players upgrade the delivery system in game. The Navi Raven is the flying variant of a courier for the E-Sports team Na’Vi, we were contracted to created the courier for The International Dota 2 Championships. While we met the deadline, valve was unable to add the courier in time for the championship, but it will be added at a later date. About texturing process I got professional concepts so I’hve used points from professional pipeline system like concept, texture and shader requirements etc.

Position: Texturing
Images source: Na’Vi Gaming

Raven / Weasel