Manta 2012

I started working on this project one year ago alongside with Lighting TD Pavel Kacerle. I was responsible for the 2D work which consists of all the textures and the concept of colors, while Pavel made all the CGI. Unfortunately, our work on the project had to be suspended for a while out of time reasons, but we started working on it again in August of 2012.
After we had put together our rendering farm, we could start working on the project with all our efforts. From the August 2012 through October 2012 we were able to finish all the CGI work and we could start with the rendering. It took about 30 days to complete the process. The whole concept of Manta came from a hovercraft from an old widely known FPS Unreal Tournament.



Work in progress

On these screens you can see color preparation in Mari known as „Camera projection“ include base color concept on base mesh. 3rd screen is finished color map for main parts which must be textured. The maps was done in 2k resolution.