Legion’s Wrath

Legion’s Wrath is a workshop entry that has been accepted into Valve’s Software title DOTA 2, it can be purchased for use in the games online store. I was responsible for concept, texturing, unwrapping, presentation. I was inspired by old chinese long spears so I’ve used these typical points into our weapons and we got really great result. Below introduction images you can find 3D preview render

Valve developer – Brandon “GreenMarine” Reinhart
Oh, by the way, this is an excellent piece. Great shape. Reads well in the world. Interesting but not overwhelming. Fits the character and enhances him. Nice job. (note: This quote is for me one of my biggest success in my “3D art”. Thank you Brandon, I really appreciate it)

Position: Concept/Texturing/Unwrapping/Presentation
Dota 2 Workshop/Credits: Legion’s Wrath Workshop